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What We Offer!

An end to end management of your car rental including but not limited to taking your business online, opening the wide world of OTA's, enabling GDS connections and a seamless inflow and outflow of your reservations. You get the freedom of setting and changing your rates at any time with immediate reflection worldwide.

To successfully run such a business, you need Caledon – software for managing rental processes, orders and cars.

Caledon Advantages

Online Payments
Enjoy the benefits of online payments. Create deposits, payments, make refunds within several minutes. Make money transfers between employees.
Time Management
Do not waste time maintaining lists and tables in Excel. Discover convenient and efficient task planners to reach your business goals faster.
Analytics and Reporting
Receive simple yet detailed reports on your business to track its performance. Analyze the number of deals by manager, client and vehicle.
Automate operational tasks and manage orders even easier and faster. Set aside time for more important things. Reduce errors and thwarted deals.
Keep all important information in one place – customer contact details, vehicles, orders, payments, documents and order history. Access data from any device.
Convenient Interface
Simplify your business with a convenient and intuitive CRM system. Customize Caledon for yourself – connect all the necessary functions for car rental business.