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Established in 2018, Caledon Technologies has been offering world-class information technology services.

Caledon is an integrated creative organization.

The brilliant team at Caledon Technologies India Private limited are an exciting mix of artistic & intellectual types - with highly developed analytical, logical & cognitive capabilities. Ambitious businesses, industry leaders, and quality-centric organizations engage us to build digital communications as their preferred IT solutions company in Bangalore.

The leading IT solutions company in Bangalore - Caledon built Software development and provides Services to present an industry leader effectively, tastefully highlighting accomplishments with the right mix of dignity, style, and sophistication.

Software development and Client and Customer related services at Caledon maintain strong recall value and consciously differentiating communications tailored around the brand's values and personality.

Inspiring Software Development, Customer Service, Call Center, feature-rich Software development are some of the standard qualities of every Services built and provided by team Caledon Technologies.

Each Service is provided with a certain goal – to drive inquiries that lead to sales or to introduce, inform, and educate.

At Caledon, Work and provide services with a clear understanding of our business and Client users’ needs in mind. Every member of team Caledon is user-centered, and all efforts are grounded on this user-centric principle.


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